Alexander Technique – Skills for Life         

Photograph: Fran Veale

Many people find themselves in physical pain, under strain and stress with little or no understanding of the underlying causes or know what to do about it.  Or you’re like most people and it feels like an effort to get it right and maintain it. 

An educational method for improved posture, coordination and breathing. It provides an accessible framework for learning to prevent or eliminate back-pain, changing habitual behaviours and releasing stress and chronic tension through a method of embodied mindfulness, neuro-muscular re-education.

How does it work?

In an Alexander Technique lesson you are learning a ‘go-to-process’  easy to apply wherever you are, whatever you might be doing. It allows one to sit, stand, move and speak without excess muscular tension. Gentle hands-on touch and verbal instruction allow a student to identify habits and unlearn them, freeing the whole self for new ways of coordinating that are calm, energised and full of possibilities.

The Alexander Technique is the easiest way to return you to your optimum posture with the least effort.

Is the Alexander Technique for you?  Yes, if you want to learn:

  • Unlock hidden tension and find more comfort and ease in yourself
  • Become aware of your balance and poise so you don’t have to worry about your posture
  • Reduce stress by being less reactive to situations
  • Have more energy and look younger
  • Be more present

Alexander Technique helps musiciansIn 2008, the prestigious British Medical Journal published an extensive study on the benefits of the Alexander Technique for chronic and recurrent chronic pain. It concluded that one-to-one sessions taught by registered teachers of the Alexander Technique has long-term benefits for patients with chronic back pain.
http://British Medical Journal Study on the Alexander Technique and Back Pain


“…after working with Michaela, I gained awareness of how my muscles would grip during extreme emotions. I gained the skills to ease into myself while performing.”        – Mel H., Actor

“I was suffering from a really bad neck and back problem, unable to walk without pain. After two months of Alexander Technique with Michaela I was not only walking easily but was able to go on holiday and ski with my kids.”                      – Kieran B., IT-Consultant

“I have found the Alexander Technique a great help to improve my posture and to release attacks of back and neck pain. I was thrilled to find such an experienced teacher as Michaela to continue the work when I need it. More recently I have been learning to free my breathing and have been amazed to find that I can use it to release trapped emotions and positively effect my inner state of being.”                – Susan S., Psychotherapist

 “The Alexander Technique makes me feel more comfortable, poised and peaceful. The Technique helps me to let go of tension and feel better, not just during lessons, but always.”                     – Rachel Baird, Media Officer

“I started seeing Michaela as I had constant pain in my right shoulder, neck and lower back. I have tried various things in attempts to alleviate the pain, but now I understand that pain I had was due to my poor posture. I’ve been able to adapt what I have learnt from Michaela to every aspect in my life-lifting, bending, walking, standing, sitting, lying down …everything. What is really beneficial about the work are the simple reminders I can now give to myself so that I can avoid poor posture-I have now a better understanding of how my body, especially  work and I am consequently comfortable for the first time in months.”           –  Kathy D., Teacher

“The Alexander technique is the ultimate tool in any surfers daily plan. After my first  session with Michaela I could feel the huge benefit to my surfing as well as every other aspect of daily life. I now enjoy a new awareness of my body and the surrounding environment, with an improved flexibility, balance, coordination and stamina. I recommend this technique to everybody, it is very easy to adapt it to your normal everyday life.”
– Elvis Beetham, Surf School Mayo