June 29th        Breath, Strength and Ease for your Back






Pregnancy is a good time to consider your own body and the one growing inside you.

The Alexander Technique, a system that helps each individual learn body awareness and easier movement. Michaela will also bring her own experience applying Alexander work to pregnancy and postpartum self-care. During this workshop, we will address:

  • Relieving common discomforts such as back pain, neck pain, and sciatica
  • Allowing for easier breathing
  • Learning to adjust your alignment with your changing body
  • Simple, mindful practices you can apply at home for relaxation and labor preparation


No prior experience necessary. Class is taught with verbal instruction and gentle hands-on guidance through movement. 

What you learn with the Technique during your pregnancy will also be helpful when feeding the baby. Learning to look after yourself while carrying. washing, feeding, bedding or lifting your baby. It will equip you with better coping skills and make the extra demands on your body more manageable. 

29th June  Saturday 11 – 12:30pm   Sandyford – Dublin


September 2019



Twitter Int.  Dublin


How to use the Alexander Technique to deliver a presentation with more

ease, confidence and conscious control”


Body Awareness, Body Mapping and Breathing:

  • Learn to observe and develop inner and outer awareness that can positively affect our bodies
  • Examine posture and learn how our physicality can affect us mentally
  • Discover grounding yourself before and during your presentation
  • Learn about the importance of breath when delivering a presentation and experience the impact of improved breathing when giving a presentation
  • Build awareness of how to use the breath to calm and develop confidence when speaking in public


In addition this course will provide:

An introduction of ‘Constructive Rest’ with individual hands-on guidance and
take-home learning for further practice at work and home.                                                                                          Practical strategies for creating sustainable change and a ‘go-to-process’ to apply when
under pressure.

To organise a workshop for your business – call  087 7556558

  • If you and a group of friends or colleagues want to schedule a series of classes together at a time convenient for the group and teacher, contact us. This is very popular amongst  Drama / Acting Groups, Choirs, Corporations, Businesses, Women’s & Men’s Groups, Education Centre’s and others.

Info and to book:    087 7556558

Wouldn’t it be great to feel more comfortable doing everyday activities, having less or no pain, being more balanced and coordinated?  Come and join us in small engaging and practical  classes.

This hands-on practical classes are an introduction to what it means to be poised and upright as our innate architecture intended. Be prepared to re-discover your natural ability to look great and feel more at ease in your body

Posture and Back Care Training with the Alexander Technique   


           “Lunch & Learn”


A 6-week program designed to help participants:

(we can design programs tailored to your needs)

  • Practical strategies for creating sustainable change
  • Coordinate themselves in regards to their posture and sitting at a desk
  • Focus and alter stress-levels and improve energy-levels
  • Help participants to be aware of themselves, their body-ergonomics, their environment at work and in everyday life.

Week 1 “How to sit well at your desk.”

Week 2 “Don’t loose your head.”

Week 3  “Creating space inside & outside.”

Week 4 “Practical strategies for creating change.”

Week 5 “Minimal effort for optimal results.”

Week 6 “Dealing with stress and pressure.”


In addition this course will provide:

  • An thorough introduction of ‘Constructive Rest’ with individual hands-on guidance and a recorded ‘Guided Talk-Through to practice at home. This is designed to detect  and release excessive
    tension and to cultivate a pattern of release and expansion.
    Practical strategies for creating change and a ‘go-to-process’ to apply when
    under pressure.


Through explorations and mindful observation, we’ll explore the idea of habit and its prevalence in the way we use our whole selves in our daily activities such as walking, sitting, standing, lifting and working at a computer and more.

Included a guided talk through audio and weekly mindful text messages to enhance your learning curve. You’ll leave with a self-care skill you then can use anytime and anywhere.

Maximum 6-14 students per class.       

087 7556558 


What people have to say:
“Great to have #AlexanderTechnique teacher Michaela Wohlgemuth into Carzone … We all a foot taller!”
“After working with Michaela, I gained awareness of how my muscles would grip during extreme emotions. Learning the Alexander Technique gave me the skills to ease my performance anxiety.”         –  Charly K.  Actor
“Michaela is an expert on posture and movement. She quickly identified where my posture was creating tightness and imbalance in my movements and taught me an internal feel for what proper alignment feels like and how to cultivate that. It really feels good! Also Michaela meets you where you are – whatever you want to work on – she can help you and structures the lessons accordingly.”       -Valerie M.  HR – Director
“I found the Alexander Technique a great help to improve my posture and release back and neck pain. I was thrilled to find such an experienced teacher as Michaela. I have been learning to breath correctly and have been thrilled that I can use it to release trapped emotions and positively effect my inner state of being.”  – Susan S. Psychotherapist
“I used to think ‘How could ‘good posture’ be good for you?’…when it was so uncomfortable and lead inevitably to slumping? I now know that truly good posture is actually pretty effortless.”        – David B.  PhD student

                                     Contact:   087 7556558        Michaelawohlgemuth@gmail.com