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“Be A Happy Texter: Prevention And Care For ‘Text Neck’ Syndrome”

Westport Library    04 November 2017    12 – 1pm


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Effortless Posture

Next 6 week evening classes:

                                                     “Come and join us to learn to have:  Less Pain, Tension and Stress,                                                 Look younger and have more energy”.

Ballinrobe Tacu Family Centre –          Starting:  Wednesday  27 September 2017   7- 8:30pm   €120


Castlebar  Katchina Health-Centre –          Starting: Thursday  28 September 2017  7:30 – 9pm  €120


Claremorris  Curam Family Centre –     Starting:  Monday 06 November 2017            7- 8:30pm   €105


Westport   Quay Community Centre –   Starting: Thursday 09 November 2017           7 – 8:30pm  €120


This hands-on practical classes are an introduction to what it means to be poised and upright as our innate architecture intended. Be prepared to re-discover your natural ability to look great and feel more at ease in your body.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel more comfortable doing everyday activities?

Come and join us in a small engaging and practical  class.

Maximum 6-8 students per class.                                                                           

To sign up contact Michaela at  087 7556558 or

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Who This Workshop Is For:

This workshop is for anyone who has a body.  If you want to learn how to be more comfortable physically, have less or even no pain, learn how to move more easily and pleasurably, then this is a good workshop for you.   People who require especially fine coordination also find the Alexander Technique enormously helpful   –   performing artists, musicians, martial artists, athletes, movement teachers, body-workers, physical, occupational and speech therapists often study with Alexander teachers.


What happens during group classes?

In this hands-on workshop, students will become aware of their full capacity for movement, learn about anatomy experientially and will be guided into a more easy, upright and effortless state of being.

We will explore every day activities such as walking, sitting and waiting, with a focus on conscious balance and poise. Be prepared to re-discover your innate ability to feel more at ease in your body with less pain and stress.

During the workshop series you’ll guided with a course-program which includes a CD and weekly text-messages to enhance your learning curve. 


What people have to say:

“Michaela is an expert on posture and movement. She quickly identified where my posture was creating tightness and imbalance in my movements and taught me an internal feel for what proper alignment feels like and how to cultivate that. It really feels good! Also Michaela meets you where you are – whatever you want to work on – she can help you and structures the lessons accordingly.”       -Valerie M.

“I used to think ‘How could ‘good posture’ be good for you?’…when it was so uncomfortable and lead inevitably to slumping? I now know that truly good posture is actually pretty effortless.”

– David B.  PhD student

Arrange Your Own Workshop

  • If you and a group of friends or colleagues want to schedule a series of classes together at a time convenient for the group and teacher, contact Michaela. This is very popular amongst  Drama / Acting Groups, Businesses, Women’s Groups, Active Retirement Groups, Golf Clubs and others.

Contact Michaela at   087 7556558 or