Individual Lessons 

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It’s never to late to make those changes in you life. Come and book you session and transform the way you think, feel and move.

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 Alexander Technique individual lessons..

Are the fastest, most efficient way to feel more confident in your body and make real, substantial changes in the way you feel and move.

In just a few sessions you’ll learn new skills, build confidence in how you move and communicate and learn to see more options in how you react and respond. Over time, you’ll learn to breathe easier and feel more present and connected in your body and your Self.

Individual lessons are particularly useful, if you have chronic pain, an injury, or a specific goal such as improving posture, performing or presentations, providing a focused setting for Michaela to observe your movement patterns on an individual basis.

AT brings about a lighter, resilient way of moving and breathing throughout your day and being mindful in your body.

In an individual Alexander Technique Lesson we can work on:                                                                   

  • Stress Relief
  • Finding Ease and Efficiency in Everyday Activities
  • Pain Management Techniques
  • Balance and Mobility
  • Building Presence
  • Breathe and Speak more easily
  • Be calm and confident

Private Coaching for Actors:

New option: 60 minute or 30 minute coaching sessions – all one-to-one.

Michaela Wohlgemuth 20+ years of teaching the Alexander Technique to help actors reach new emotional depth and confidence in their acting and a stronger sense of safety in their vulnerability.

Private coaching assists within the rehearsal process as you are developing a character, incorporating a physical impediment into a performance or freeing your voice.

Bring in the beginnings of a character, a piece of text or a song you’re working towards performing.

For resiliency and longevity, actors also come to Michaela to restore and regain balance between performances on stage or working on camera.

Work on your own:

Students are encouraged to apply their new sense of coordination to their daily activities outside of the lessons and to lie on the floor in the semi-supine position at least once per day for 10-15 minutes. Guided talk-through audio will be provided. The Alexander Technique is intended to be used at any time during daily activities, therefore no specific exercises are prescribed.

How many lessons you will need:

The number of lessons that people take varies from person to person.  It depends on the reason for which you begin lessons, how quickly you are able to integrate the work and apply it on your own, and what your goals are.  Typically people take weekly lessons for 2-6 months, and begin to see significant benefit after the first one to five lessons.  Some people do a short series of lessons, others make it a life practice.  According to a 2008 back pain study published in The British Medical journal, people who were in pain 21 days per month reduced their pain to three days per month after a series of 24 Alexander Technique lessons.  After an initial lesson, you’ll discuss with Michaela, what is best for you.

Cost of a lesson: The cost of one individual 60 min lesson is €70  Packages of 10 lessons pain in advance are available at 10 % discount (equivalent to one free lesson).

I’ m offering a sliding scale to students, seniors and people with special needs.

Try Constructive Rest Today!

Constructive Rest

Constructive Rest is a simple, powerful practice that you will be taught in your Alexander Technique lessons, and can be helpful to anyone. Among other things it helps you improve posture, release tension, and calm your nervous system. It is most effective when practiced regularly. My colleague, Imogen Ragone, has put together a 30-day program to help you develop this practice. You can sign up for 30 days of email reminders, along with resources and inspiration. I hope you will take up the challenge!

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Take the 30-Day Constructive Rest Challenge

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