Do you feel your body and posture as mostly fixed or fluid? Exhausting or energising? Difficult or easy? Wondering how to improve your postural awareness?

Posture represents both physical and emotional well-being. Weather we tend to slump and compress ourselves or tend to be inflexible and tense – self awareness and knowing what creates these imbalances is the first step to postural improvement and more ease.

You might already have a standing desk, had an ergonomic evaluation, love to exercise and meditate, but you are still experiencing pain in your body.

Find out what is going on and learn to prevent it.

Skeletal misalignment when interacting with computers and other gadgets is the #1 reason for postural strain repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and pain in the workplace. The Alexander Technique offers unique and empowering insights and skills to prevent tension and fatigue, while at the same time supporting improved awareness for performance, breath, balance and posture.


Michaela offers workshops and programs for companies and has 18 years of history of working with people who suffer from strain, pain, and stress on the job.  

Help your employees become more aware of their posture when they are sitting at their deskson their feet all day spending hours hunched over emailing and texting or giving presentations

Improving posture also helps to increase confidence, improve vocal production and engage an audience, all important in terms of how your team interacts in meetings, presents information, and communicates with clients.                                              

Students have reported some of the following benefits after learning the Alexander Technique:
    • Improved natural breathing
    • Supports physical and mental well-being
    • Prevents back, neck and muscle pain
    • Allows efficiency and ease in daily movement
    • Prevention of fatigue and anxiety
    • Improves the appearance of the body
    • Valuable support for aging gracefully